Curator of Mammals
  University of Alaska Museum of the North
  907 Yukon Drive
  tel: 907-474-5998

  Associate Professor
  Department of Biology and Wildlife

  Research Associate
  Institute of Arctic Biology

  • LinkArenKong2
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  • JLF 3096(L)
    Aren Gunderson, a master's student studying the Alaska marmot for his thesis, waits for construction along the Dalton Highway en route to Coldfoot to catch a charter flight.
  • JLF 3099(L)
    Par for the course in Alaska
  • JLF 3115(L)
    A moose shows off for the chicken
  • JLF 3129(L)
    The crew (L-R): Undergraduates Jonathan Fiely and Kyndall Hildebrandt, Link Olson, and master's student Aren Gunderson ready to board a DeHavilland Beaver, workhorse of the Far North, for the 2.5 hour flight from Coldfoot to the headwaters of the Kongakut River in northeastern Alaska in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The purpose of the trip is to collect specimens of the Alaska marmot, endemic to the Brooks Range, for the University of Alaska Museum and for Aren's thesis project.
  • JLF 3131(L)
    One of the advantages of being the heaviest---you get to ride in front
  • 3Kong
    Aren, Kyndall, and Jonathan in the rumble seat
  • JLF 3143(L)
    Aerial view of the Brooks Range
  • JLF 3179(L)
    Unloading the plane at the landing strip
  • JLF 3198(L)
    Aren and Kyndall rest after inflating the rafts
  • JLF 3200(L)
    A northern shrike looks on
  • JLF 3201(L)
    Aren heads to a boulder field to look for marmots
  • JLF 3235(L)
    Jonathan inspects a cave
  • JLF 3284(L)
    (He bought that hat in Boston)
  • JLF 3287(L)
    This advisor is always happy to advise his students on where to fish
  • JLF 3288(L)
    Packing up to leave another camp site
  • JLF 3316(L)
    If you know paddling, you know which one is doing all the work
  • JLF 3330(L)
    Through the rapids!
  • JLF 3407(L)
    The tools of the trade
  • JLF 3418(L)
    Usually behind the camera, Jonathan is equally adept behind a scope. This is presumably not a picture he included in his Peace Corps application.
  • JLF 3424(L)
    Aren takes aim
  • JLF 3428(L)
    Departing yet another camp site
  • JLF 3433(L)
    Kyndall exiting the kitchen
  • JLF 3499(L)
    Northernmost porcupine in North America
  • JLF 3605(L)-Edit-Edit
    The notebook says it all
  • JLF 3752(L)-Edit
    "The last thing you want is a bunch of biologists running around with guns." Science 310:1411 (2005)
  • JLF 3813(L)
    Skittles, a caribou antler, a sharpie, and a seat board. Voila! A chess set.
  • JLF 3978(L)
    Rightfully proud
  • ANWR Fishing 1
    After the crew nearly runs out of food, Link is forced to fish
  • Char2
    Getting in touch with your inner Bubba. A very filling Arctic char (caught on 2-lb test!)
  • JLF 3632(L)
    Aren (a Minnesotan, don'tcha know?): "We'll fillet it like a walleye." Kyndall (an Alaskan): "What's a walleye?"
  • ArenGPSKong
    Aren communes with the satellites
  • ArenKyndallKong
    Aren and Kyndall look for marmots
  • DSCN0016
    Kyndall keeps the boats from blowing away
  • DSCN0026
    Link scans for marmots
  • DSCN0050
    There are, regrettably, no marmots in them thar hills
  • DSCN0058
    Aren demonstrates the importance of keeping your fly dry
  • KongGriz
    A yearling grizzly surprises us while we're eating lunch one day
  • LinkArenPrepping
    Link skins a ground squirrel in the kitchen
  • LinkKyndallArenKong
    Link, Kyndall, and Aren endure the challenging weather conditions
  • DSCN0061
    Asleep on the landing strip at the pick-up point waiting a very long time for the plane at the end of the 10-day float trip
  • JLF 3683(L)
    With final thanks to our camera man, Jonathan Fiely, who took most of these photos.

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