Curator of Mammals
  University of Alaska Museum of the North
  907 Yukon Drive
  tel: 907-474-5998

  Associate Professor
  Department of Biology and Wildlife

  Research Associate
  Institute of Arctic Biology


View a list of all order, family, subfamily, genus, and species names (including synonyms) from Wilson & Reeder's (2005) Mammal Species of the World here. You can copy and paste the entire list into your word processor's custom dictionary (but please don't ask me how!). Spellchecking has never been this much fun!

Instructions for connecting digital calipers to a computer running Mac OSX are available for download here courtesy of Hayley Lanier (

Download the UAM Mammal Collection Loan Request Form here.

A compiled .pdf of a recent compilation of reviews from Nature's Poinst of Significance series on statistics for biologists can be downloaded here.

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